379 Sackville Dr, Middle Sackville, NS B4E 3A7
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Monday to Friday  9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Visit our lots to view our used cars available for auction.


Please note: Vehicles that are listed as $0 are not in sale yet.



    How it works!


    Once a vehicle comes onto our lot, it will usually sit on hold for about a month. This allows for the bank to assess our condition reports, review Red, Blue and Black Book evaluations and compare prices for like models in the market.

    After the hold period the bank lets us know the sale date and reserve price – This is where the fun starts!

    ANYONE can bid on the vehicles.

    Bidding can start below the reserve price.

    Our office will keep you in the loop by letting you know when the vehicle you’re interested has gone into bid*, providing you with updates on high bids for the vehicle and relaying information and communications from the bank.


    **A bid form must be filled out and a bid deposit must be paid in order to participate in bidding.**

    We do recommend coming in and taking a look at the vehicles, as they are sold on an “As is” “Where is” basis.

    *If you’ve already paid a bid deposit

    You can print the Bid Form here



    All units will be sold in good faith.

    RepoSales will contact the person making the highest bid after the Bank reserve sale date in accordance with the NS Personal Property Security Act.

    All units are Free of Liens and Encumbrances upon delivery.

    Any and all units are sold on the basis of: “As Is, Where Is” with “No Warranty Given or Implied. ”

    Payment will be accepted by positive, certified funds only.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the prices of the units at Reposales?  

    Pricing is based on industry price guides such as RED, Blue, Black book values, third party appraisals and comparisons to like product on the open market. The price found on the information sheet is only the bench mark price similar to the price the Ministry of Transportation uses as a guide line to assess the Retail Sales Tax Liability.

    Where do all the units come from?

    All units listed are being offered for sale on account of the seller and will be sold under the rights and remedies available to the seller such as a secured creditor, insurer, governmental agencies or trustees with respect to a default, recovery, forfeiture, seizure or liquidation, and pursuant to the appropriate act such as the P.P.S.A., Bankruptcy Act, Proceeds of Crime Act, Insurance Act, Mortgage Act or any other relevant.

    How do I buy a unit at Reposales?  

    First you must fill out one of our bid forms and one of our friendly staff will ask you to secure your bid with a minimum $100 cash deposit. Once your bid has been secured we can forward your bid off to the bank. The deposit is refundable if your bid is declined or if you are out bid by another party.

    How do I know if my bid is accepted?  

    A staff member will only contact the highest bidder, once the vehicle sale date has passed. Subject to the vendor’s sales process requirements.

    How do I pay for a unit?  

    All units must be paid for by certified cheque, money order, bank draft. Cash is not accepted. All Cheques must be made payable to Maritime Bailiff Services.

    Can you finance the purchase of the unit for me?

    No. We do not offer a financing option at Reposales. We recommend that you obtain your financing from a lender of your choice.

    Once I pay for the unit. How do I remove it from Reposales?  

    All units are sold “As is where is”. Removal of the unit from the lot will be your sole responsibility.

    Can we have the unit checked over by my mechanic?  

    Yes, your mechanic is authorized to inspect the unit on site. However the mechanic is not allowed to dismantle the unit.